Developers and engineers with exceptional talent wanted

System-Engineer (m/f/x)

With immediate effect
Salary: 120k - 220k
Steve Schurig
Veronika Süß

For government-backed major projects, we are searching for top experts in systems programming.

Through the use of AI and revolutionary technologies, some of which are being employed for the first time, this long-term project is creating unique infrastructure and software that enable real-time monitoring of our world.

The progress of this highly intensive, mission-critical projects is the result of the collective efforts of all participants. 
We are looking for individuals with unique personalities who can Identify with a progressive company.

Criteria you can predominantly affirm

To assess your suitability, we have defined some essential criteria:

  • From a young age, you have passionately worked on ideas and projects that were incomprehensible to your peers
  • You are known for your pronounced intelligence and/or possess extraordinary abilities such as an eidetic memory
  • You have the talent to develop complex systems in very short time, which would normally require an entire team
  • You have contributed to the development of groundbreaking technologies
  • You have already created tools that have significantly optimized your work processes
  • You are curious and strive to understand the fundamental principles that hold our world together
  • You have the ability to quickly and effectively familiarize yourself with new, groundbreaking technologies
  • Flexible prioritization - You are able to respond quickly to changing priorities
  • Your goal is to be actively and leadingly involved in highly demanding development processes, rather than pursuing a career in pure management
Your Skills

It is not expected that you will be fully familiar with the entire tech stack from day one.
However, solid and application-related experience with certain key technologies is of great importance.

  • You hold a Masters degree in Software Development, Computer Science, Physics, or a related field
  • Expert in at least one of the following areas:
    - Distributed systems
    - Embedded systems
    - Robotics
    - Computer networks
    - Databases
    - Cryptography
    - Computer graphics
    - Signal processing
  • Experienced with distributed/embedded systems
  • Knowledgeable in robotics
  • Proficient in backend development, especially with Rust or C++ (alternatively with Python, Java, or Go)
  • Experienced in working with fullstack technologies
    (REST, GraphQL, gRPC)
  • You understand the importance of security in data exchange within untrustworthy networks
  • Practical experience in the field of Machine Learning is desirable
  • Familiar with container-based and cloud-native application architectures (Docker, Azure, AWS)
  • You place great value on effective team dynamics and significantly contribute to improving code quality through active participation in code reviews and pair programming
  • You speak fluent English
  • Performance Bonuses:
    The focus is on your achievements and contributions, not on the number of working hours
  • Attractive Compensation:
    Competitive salary and stock options
  • Relocation Support:
    Assistance for a smooth start in a new location
  • Social and Educational Allowances:
    Additional benefits for your well-being and development
  • Practice-Oriented Onboarding:
    A comprehensive introduction program that allows you to get to know the technologies and working methods while being involved in projects from the start
  • Company Events:
    Regular events to promote team spirit


If you are ready to shape the future, push the boundaries of what’s possible, and make our world safer, then you are in the right place! 

Apply now and become part of a unique journey!